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              YongJia YIHONG Zipper Co.,Ltd. Was established in may in 1995,located in Wenzhou Gulian Foreign Investment Industy Zone known as China Button City,involving prodnce, sale trade and service as well, and with a god transport.

              The company is full of modermized office buildings,standard workshop.Now it has 100 employees,among them 10 are engincers and 2 with certification on high technology.It is one of the largest zipper enterporises in Wenzhou,which has automatic producton line and advanced import equipment.

              Our company has been focusing on four main product series:resin, metal, nylon,    invisible.To presume high quality products,we introduce advanced technology both from abroad and domestic and integrate strcture.The management concept of "chain" honosty is basic.quality is triumphs impelling,and we sincerely hope to join hands with friends of all walks of life both at home and abroad to explore market,Our products have a good markct not only in more than 25 provinces,but also in great demand around europe,America,Middle East,South Africa,and Hong Kong etc.

              In the 21st Century,we are aim at first-rate enterprise. We will use all our advantages such as strong finance.talent cmployees and high technology to explore new market and high quality products.We express our warmest welcome to everyone both from home and abroad to start and develop business relationship.Last we hope all of us will have a good cooperation and prospect future.
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